Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gender Quotes x2

Looking through some discarded viewing notes I came across these two quotes jotted down on the same paper.

"Well I hear movie actors are getting five, ten thousand a week. For what? For acting tough. For pushing girls in the face. What do they do I can't do?" -Johnny, Scarlet Street
"The death of a beautiful girl is the most poetical topic in the world." -Edgar Allen Poe, Twixt

Two sides of the same coin.


  1. "I like women, especially beautiful ones. If they have a good face and figure, I would much prefer to watch them being murdered than an ugly girl or man. I certainly don't have to justify myself to anyone about this. I don't care what anyone thinks or reads into it. I have often had journalists walk out of interviews when I say what I feel about this subject."

    - Dario Argento

  2. Ha! What a quote! As much as I love Argento I'm always surprised by how uncritical many great artists are to their own feelings, like if they scrutinize them then their poetry will suffer.

    Also, I watched Twixt based on your write-up and was amazed. It a crime that the film isn't being talked about more widely, but then, I guess it makes sense, considering.